{{self.alt}} The Copping landfill has been operating successfully for more than 10 years. All of its cells are professionally engineered and constructed, with layers including impermeable man made and natural clay liners.

Please note that Southern Waste Solutions' facilities are not open to the public. All customers must first apply for an account with us, and be approved and issued with a vehicle identity tag for use on the weighbridge, and pass our Site, Health and Safety induction program prior to commencing deliveries.

Southern Waste Solutions accepts clean fill, non contaminated building rubble and putrescibles waste at the following locations:

  • Its waste transfer station at 129 Derwent Park Road, Lutana; and
  • Its landfill at Arthur Highway, Copping.

Level 2 waste may be accepted at the Copping landfill subject to test results supporting the classification of the waste as level 2 and subject to approval from the EPA.

Entries to the facility are subject to:

  • All vehicles/customers must first report to the weighbridge prior to depositing waste or entering further onto the facility.
  • Customers must obey signs and any directions given by SWS or the operator of the facility.
  • Steel capped shoes and high visibility vests/shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Helmets must be worn at the Lutana facility.
  • No smoking.
Copping Waste Disposal Facility location
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