{{self.alt}} The C cell will be built in an existing quarry adjacent to the current B cells.

Copping C-Cell

The Copping landfill site currently manages Category 1 and some Category 2 level waste (subject to independent laboratory testing and EPA approval). This consists of general household waste; clinical waste treated to general household waste level; and low level contaminated waste (which can only be accepted upon approval by the Environment Protection Authority) such as contaminated soils and sludges.

Southern Waste Solutions has applied for and been given in-principle permission to construct a controlled waste facility at its Copping landfill site. Controlled waste is material that needs additional levels of secure storage beyond what is required in a normal landfill. Controlled waste is classified according to its composition and ranges up to level 4. The Copping controlled waste facility will not accept any level 4 waste.

Construction Environmental Management Plan
Updated March 22, 2016. PDF Document, 1.5 MB
C Cell Permit
Approved June 7, 2012. PDF Document, 928.5 KB
Letter & response to misleading statements about the C-Cell
Published May 14, 2014. PDF Document, 801.5 KB
Copping Waste Disposal Facility location
Updated November 14, 2012. PDF Document, 116.5 KB

World’s best practice

The proposed facility will be engineered to world’s best practice and the waste will be stored in a manner to ensure it cannot cause harm to the environment through soil or water contamination. Under the terms of the permit to operate, no liquid waste will be accepted or placed into the controlled waste facility.

Materials that will be accepted include solids and sludges such as contaminated soil, solid paint waste, building materials and industrial residues. All waste material will require prior approval from Environment Protection Authority before it is accepted at the facility.

On arrival waste materials will be immediately unloaded and securely contained and covered within the facility to ensure no contamination can occur.

The Copping landfill site is on some 704 hectares of land and it is anticipated the size of the controlled waste cell will be some 100 metres wide by 200 metres long. It will be located well above any flood zones, fully security fenced, with access limited to only authorised individuals.

Why has Copping been selected?

The existing Copping landfill site is recognised as a very well-managed facility with best practice environmental processes. It is not-for-profit as it is owned by a joint local government authority, made up of Clarence, Sorell, Tasman and Kingborough Councils.

Copping is in an ideal location to service agriculture, aquaculture, industry and small businesses in the South of the state. It was also selected because of its excellent combination of stable geology and readily manageable surface and ground water.

The proposed controlled waste landfill cell at Copping is the result of many years of research and planning. The following documents outline the various stages of this process.

The Mercury – Sorell Council Notice of Planning Application
Published April 21, 2012. JPEG, 1017.8 KB
Copping C-Cell Design Principles
Published September 17, 2012. PDF Document, 84.9 KB

Community involvement

Strong community stakeholder relationships are integral to SWS’ endeavour to be a responsible corporate citizen and a sustainable business. The value of community stakeholder engagement is acknowledged by SWS and we consider our neighbouring communities and businesses, nongovernment organisations and all levels of government, to be key partners.

If you would like to be involved in the discussion, please see information about our Community Reference Group.

For information regarding our past community involvement, see the documents below and our community news page.

SWS Response to Community Queries
Written January 11, 2013. PDF Document, 262.6 KB
C-Cell Fiction vs Fact (responses to common mistruths)
Updated November 26, 2012. PDF Document, 65.4 KB
The Mercury Live Blog Transcript
From November 1, 2012. PDF Document, 161.1 KB

Public Correspondence

The following documents contain responses to some of the misinformation that has been published about the proposed Copping Category C waste disposal cell.

Letter to the Editor from Southern Waste Solutions
Published September 13, 2015. PDF Document, 200.2 KB
Response to SBCS Paper - Updated
Updated April 17, 2015. PDF Document, 2.2 MB
Letter to the Editor from Southern Waste Solutions
Published November 29, 2012. PDF Document, 41.5 KB
Letter to the Editor from Southern Waste Solutions
Published October 16, 2012. PDF Document, 36.9 KB
Letter to the Editor from Southern Waste Solutions
Published October 11, 2012. PDF Document, 35.7 KB
Letter to the Editor from Southern Waste Solutions
Published September 16, 2012. PDF Document, 28.9 KB
Letter from Pitt&Sherry discussing waste terminology (specifically use of the term "toxic")
Published September 14, 2012. PDF Document, 165.2 KB
SWS Response to Facebook group "Dump the Toxic Dump" (SWS notes in green)
Published September 8, 2012. PDF Document, 84.0 KB
Copping Landfill Information Advertisement, The Mercury (text only)
Published September 8, 2012. PDF Document, 80.8 KB
Letter from EPA regarding approval timeline
Written September 6, 2012. PDF Document, 24.5 KB
Letter to the Editor (The Mercury) from Southern Waste Solutions
Written August 29, 2012. PDF Document, 28.1 KB
Letter to the Editor (The Mercury) from Southern Waste Solutions
Written August 27, 2012. PDF Document, 30.0 KB