{{self.alt}} Spotted Marsh Frog in Copping stormwater outlet October 2013. Copyright Dr Terry Walker, AquaSci.

As part of regular quarterly testing on the site, surface water is tested. Surface water leaving the site has always met or exceeded the standards set by the authorities and in fact is often found to be of a higher standard when it leaves the site than when it enters from adjacent properties.

In other words, the controls in place to protect surface and groundwater at the Copping landfill site provide a high level of protection to the surrounding environment, including the Carlton catchment.

Copping surfacewater monitoring results
Published January 9, 2018. PDF Document, 205.4 KB
Copping RDS surface and groundwater monitoring programme report, March 2018
Published May 16, 2018. PDF Document, 2.9 MB
Annual Volumetric Survey, 2016
Published September 16, 2016. PDF Document, 1.0 MB