Community Reference Group (CRG)

Strong community stakeholder relationships are integral to SWS’ endeavour to be a responsible corporate citizen and a sustainable business. The value of community stakeholder engagement is acknowledged by SWS and we consider our neighbouring communities and businesses, nongovernment organisations and all levels of government, to be key partners.

SWS commits to interact with community representatives in a consultative forum to monitor the operations of its landfill and provide input on a wide range of sustainability and corporate citizenship topics.

To achieve this, SWS has committed to establish a CRG for the Copping Landfill.

Latest meeting minutes

There has not been a quorum at recent meetings. Therefore, meetings will now be held every six months rather than every three months.

Minutes - 14 February 2017
Published February 20, 2017. PDF Document, 85.0 KB

Minutes of previous meetings are available at the bottom of the page.

Objectives of the CRG

The objectives of a SWS landfill CRG are to:

  • Facilitate community awareness of the operations, environmental performance and any short, medium and long term development of the landfill;
  • Provide community members with the opportunity to engage in dialogue with SWS regarding any issues of concern related to the landfill;
  • Provide community members with an opportunity, wherever practicable, to provide input into SWS' decision making process regarding the landfill; and
  • Foster understanding and cooperation between community members and SWS staff in minimising the impact of the landfill on the local community.

Role of the CRG

The role of the CRG is advisory. SWS will consider comments and suggestions made by the CRG and provide responses where warranted. The CRG will be asked to provide advice on a range of issues raised by SWS and or members of the CRG. The CRG may make recommendations to SWS, including communication of a negotiated position that reflects community members' views, for SWS to consider and respond to as part of the CRG process. However, the CRG is not required to reach consensus or express unified views on matters discussed.

Membership of the CRG

CRG members will be appointed for a period of two (2) years and are responsible for seeking and presenting the views of the local community they represent concerning the operation of the Copping landfill. Members are also responsible for providing input on a wide range of sustainability and corporate citizenship topics. Membership is based on principles of cross-sectional representation to ensure the full spectrum of community stakeholder concerns and interests are included and balanced from social, environmental and economic perspectives.

Participation in the CRG

The CRG now meets every six months for approximately 30 minutes. More frequent meetings will be arranged if requested by the community. Participation in a CRG is voluntary and application for membership is open to the following:

  • Any interested person who lives, works or has an interest in the vicinity of the Copping landfill
  • Any interested locally based community group representing those who have an interest in the vicinity of the Copping landfill.

The guiding principles for participation as a member of the CRG are to:

  • Contribute to an open, encouraging, motivating environment for discussion
  • Present a responsive and active approach toward safety and environmental management of the Copping landfill
  • Be willing to introduce or consider new and innovative ideas to assist SWS to develop and grow in a sustainable manner with due regard to the environment, the community and the economy
  • Operate in a responsible, ethical and honest manner in all dealings and negotiations relevant to the CRG.


Responses to community questions - 6 August 2014
Published August 9, 2014. PDF Document, 515.5 KB

Meeting minutes

Minutes - 23 November 2016
Published November 25, 2016. PDF Document, 112.5 KB
Minutes - 2 August 2016
Published August 5, 2016. PDF Document, 91.5 KB
Minutes - 10 May 2016
Published June 1, 2016. PDF Document, 74.7 KB
Minutes - 2 December 2015
Published December 2, 2015. PDF Document, 92.5 KB
Minutes - 1 September 2015
Published September 13, 2015. PDF Document, 42.8 KB
Minutes - 2 June 2015
Published June 12, 2015. PDF Document, 94.0 KB
Minutes - 17 February 2015
Published February 20, 2015. PDF Document, 96.1 KB
Minutes - 28 October 2014
Published November 3, 2014. PDF Document, 93.8 KB
Minutes - 15 July 2014
Published August 5, 2014. PDF Document, 126.2 KB
Minutes - 8 April 2014
Published April 15, 2014. PDF Document, 103.4 KB
Minutes - 21 January 2014
Published February 17, 2014. PDF Document, 118.7 KB
Minutes - 5 November 2013
Published November 18, 2013. PDF Document, 103.8 KB
Minutes - 15 October 2013
Updated January 16, 2014. PDF Document, 110.3 KB
Minutes - 3 September 2013
Updated October 22, 2013. PDF Document, 117.5 KB
Minutes - 6 August 2013
Published August 12, 2013. PDF Document, 131.2 KB

Further Information

Terms of Reference - Community Reference Group
Updated February 20, 2015. PDF Document, 138.5 KB
Membership Expression of Interest - Community Reference Group
Updated February 20, 2015. PDF Document, 119.2 KB

If you have an interest in becoming a CRG member, or have a question about our operations, please contact our Manager of Finance and Compliance.
Phone: (03) 6273 9712
Fax: (03) 8669 4064