The Copping Refuse Disposal Site Joint Authority was established as a Joint Authority in 2001 under the Local Government Act 1993. The Authority's objectives include the management and operation of the refuse disposal site at Copping in accordance with its Development Proposal & Environmental Management Plan and Permit conditions, and the provision, on or off the site, of other services and facilities that assist in achieving the organisation's goals.

It is required under its Rules to manage the whole site by operating efficiently in accordance with sound commercial practice and environmentally sound principles to maximise the net worth of the Authority's assets.

Annual Report 2017
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Annual Report 2016
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Annual Report 2015
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Annual Report 2014
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Summary of written reports
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Annual Report 2013
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Annual Report 2012
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Rules of the Copping Waste Disposal Site Joint Authority
Please note that these Rules are currently subject to review and amendment.
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Development Proposal & Environmental Management Plan
Updated August 26, 1998. PDF Document, 18.7 MB

The Joint Authority

The Authority consists of four Members appointed by Participating Councils, who may be either elected Councillors or Council employees:

  • Clarence City Council: one Member entitled to exercise four votes
  • Kingborough Council: one Member entitled to exercise two votes
  • Sorell Council one Member entitled to exercise two votes
  • Tasman Council one Member entitled to exercise one vote

A Participating Council may also appoint a Councillor or Council employee as a Deputy Member to act in place of any Councillor appointed by the Participating Council.

The current membership of the Joint Authority is:

Chair: Ald. Jock Campbell (Clarence City Council)
0419 130 642
Deputy Member: Ald. James Walker (Clarence City Council)
0418 125 591
Member: Mayor Steve Wass (Kingborough Council)
0412 634 647
Deputy Member: Cr. Sue Bastone (Kingborough Council)
0418 573 554
Member: Cr. Graeme Evans (Sorell Council)
0418 462 591
Deputy Member: Mayor Kerry Vincent (Sorell Council)
0408 023 302
Member: Cr. Allan Hull (Tasman Council)
0427 503 407
Deputy Member: Cr. Dave Moser (Tasman Council)
0400 869 810
Secretary: Mr Ian Nelson
0418 990 868

In its governance, the Authority concentrates on:

  • the periodic review of the performance of the Board and of individual Directors;
  • the setting of the terms of office and the remuneration of Directors;
  • setting the goals and objectives of the authority, reflected in the Strategic Plan;
  • the approval of the Strategic Plan and the Business Plan and Budget; and
  • representing the best interests of all Participating Councils.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the senior staff member employed by the Authority.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board Chair for the general administration and management of the Authority and, in particular, for the determination of the number of staff and the terms and conditions of employment, consistent with the approved budget.

The current Chief Executive Officer is:

Ms Christine Bell

The Chief Executive Officer exercises all the powers and functions delegated to her by the Board. She manages the staff of the Authority, and ensures that the business and affairs of the Authority and the Board are managed and conducted in accordance with the Rules, with the Business Plan of the Authority, and with sound commercial practice. She provides advice information and assistance to the Board.